Story Behind Blue Emoji

Hi! My name is Tanya, and I'm the author of bluemoji and creator of this webpage. Thank you for being part of the Blue Emoji journey. Your engagement, your enthusiasm, and your support make each stroke of creativity all the more meaningful.


The original Blue Emoji was created for fun back in 2009 when I was aspiring graphic designer, under the original name "Very Emotional Emoticons". The first pack of 40 emoticons was uploaded on the DeviantArt on November 2009 and a second pack of an additional 40 emojis was uploaded in May 2011


I was living my best life, sometimes stumble upon annoying blue faces in Pinterest, and occasionally in other places, have also noticed my own 10.y.o kid is sending bluemoji to a friend in WhatsApp, but I didn't give much thought in to it. Until one friday night in Twitter on January 2023, when I saw yet another post about bluemoji and replied to it, little did I know, I was a missing author that had suddenly found. Never realized how massively well-known my old icons are :)

It was decided to create this webpage, where all the Blue Emoji are gathered in one place, higher definition emoticons are added, and new faces can be added in future when I have some spare time.

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author & founder

Tanya Mau was born and raised in a small Baltic country, experiencing a classic '90s childhood surrounded by comic books, Looney Tunes, and Nintendo games. With a natural talent for drawing, she began making small cartoons and landed a job in animation and graphic design at a very early age. Today, she is an experienced Visual Designer and Indie Maker, launching AI and Design-oriented products, still with a great passion for drawing funny characters and expressive faces.