Story Behind Blue Emoji

The original Blue Emoji was created for fun by aspiring graphic designer Tanya Mau back in 2009, under the original name "Very Emotional Emoticons." The first pack of 40 emoticons was uploaded on the DeviantArt on November 2009 and a second pack of an additional 40 emojis was uploaded in May 2011

It gained some popularity and received numerous requests for custom emojis, commercial licenses, and original source files. So in 2014, it was decided to launch a small web shop called EmoticonsHD, to make it easier to deal with the requests.

Later on, the requests decreased over time and the shop was deactivated. However, in 2021, the Blue Emoji went viral again and became a meme. Tanya found out about it in Twitter on January 2023, which was a surprise. It was decided to create this web page, where all the Blue Emoji are gathered in one place, higher definition emoticons are added, and new faces can be created in the future by its original author.

Blue Emoji, Author Tanya Mau


Tanya is passionate Visual Designer based in Riga, Latvia. With 15+ years of experience worked in roles with the title and responsibilities of Creative Art Director, UX/UI Designer, Illustrator, Animation Artist, and have a background in Product Design for SaaS products. She is currently working on graphic/design-oriented products such as,, and Mirror AI

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Our emoticons are free to use for personal projects and non-commercial social media posts, memes etc. If you use emoji in a project that generates revenue, you must attribute by including a statement such as 'Emoji by' Commercial use of emoticons without proper attribution is prohibited. For any specific cases please contact us.

Creative Commons BY 4.0